Democratic Election Picks Brotherhood

Be careful what you wish for.  The people of Egypt are about to live through their own personal hell.  Mohammed Morsi with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has become Egypt’s first Islamist president today in the “freest” election in that Country’s history.  Most who were paying attention, predicted this even before the protesters had cleared out of Tahrir Square.  Next prediction: Sharia Law within a year.

This win adds one more building block to an Islamic stranglehold on the Mediterranean Sea that not only will affect all countries that share its shore, but also American influence in the region.  In particular, the United States will be called upon to render increasing support to our only real ally left: Israel.  France, Italy and Spain are great places to go on vacation, but don’t bet they will be much assistance if the going gets tough.  The rest of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean are so mired in their own political and financial crises that they are virtual non-entities.

One could make a good argument that today’s event marks the logical conclusion to an Islamist initiative born of President Obama’s Cairo speech.  In that speech, he not only opened the door to radical change in Egypt, he also implied that America would not interfere regardless of the direction that change took.  We could also make a good case that we should have no influence or control over democratically elected governments in foreign counties, (though we’re not bashful about jumping in the middle of a civil war or two, as in Libya or soon Syria).

Our “hands off” approach and tacit approval of Muslim Brotherhood control of Egypt will surely have negative repercussions with regard to Egyptian/American relations not too far down the road.  But pity the Egyptian citizens, women in particular who starting today will feel the winds of change profoundly.  It will be a cold breeze indeed.

Originally posted on 06/24/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com