Desperation, Incompetence And The D'oh Factor

The 2012 presidential election is not a slam dunk for either party.  Considering the formidable influence, money and momentum garnered by this incumbent, it is interesting to see the media campaign being carried out by the President’s people.  A weak strategy filled with weak talking points, many of which are backfiring and neutralizing their intended effect.

The mainstream political media hasn’t had an original thought in over four years, so we know where all this stuff comes from:  The Obama machine.  Indisputably the state of this Country is not better than it was four years ago.  Our economy still stinks with no legitimate rebound in unemployment.  Race relations have deteriorated to the point where we could face a truly awful and dangerous summer in our big cities.  The world hates and disrespects America more than ever.  Inflation is robbing our citizens of their savings and buying power, increasing energy costs and eroding the bottom line of American companies big and small.  Most disheartening is the growing number of Americans who truly believe their President has told them that they have a right to take the earnings and property of others…In the name of fairness.

With nothing positive to talk about, Democratic operatives are showing an odd mix of desperation and incompetence, heavily seasoned with the “D’oh factor”.

In 1983, during a family vacation, Mitt Romney apparently strapped a dog carrier to the roof of his vehicle so they could include their pet “Seamus” on the trip.  The implication is of course that Mitt Romney is unsuited for the Presidency because the dog suffered permanent psychological damage as a result.  Really?!  Have you ever seen dogs hanging out of car windows on the freeway?  They love the wind in their hair!  He was more likely damaged by being called “Seamus”.  If Mitt had tied his leash to the trailer hitch…Now that would be a story.

In his memoirs “Dreams of My Father,” President Obama mentioned that he commonly consumed dog meat while living in Indonesia.  There is no word on how the dog got to market: inside or outside the vehicle…D’oh!

Mitt’s wife Ann has been criticized by the media for wearing a $990.00 blouse during a recent TV interview.  I guess the fact that she has some pride in her appearance and likes to spend her own money on nice things means the Romneys are “out of touch with the middle class”.  Baloney!  Every day I see “middle class” Americans driving expensive cars and trucks, buying expensive big screens, going to expensive sporting events and spending plenty money for things that bring them pleasure.  The upper and middle classes are separated only by ambition, hard work and willingness to take a risk.

Mrs. Obama is no fashion slouch when it comes to pricy duds, wearing cardigans, priced between $2,000 and $3,000.  In Hawaii last December, she sported an almost $2,000 sundress and a $950 skirt.  And who can forget her trip to a food bank wearing $500 sneakers?  That’s what I call empathy…D’oh!

President Obama has made much this week about “his” killing of Osama Bin Laden.  The media trotted out that situation room picture of him in his golf shirt surrounded by the greatest minds in the Administration.  He was quick to remind us of the incredibly difficult “gutsy call” he made to take Bin Laden out.  Gutsy?  Yeah, if the mission failed, it would doom his re-election chances.  Boy, that WAS a tough call.  If I was President that day, the conversation would have gone something like this:  “He’s there?  OK, pull the trigger…Anyone got anymore French fries?”

It’s not bad enough that the administration machine used Bin Laden’s death as a campaign tool, but they also suggested that Romney would not have OK’d the kill of Bin Laden.  With their track record of lousy decision making, how can they tell anybody what Romney might or might not do?  Finally, the only President who had Osama Bin Laden in the cross hairs and didn’t pull the trigger was…wait…here it comes….Bill Clinton, a Democrat…D’oh!

Democrats have manufactured the War on Women talking point to court the female vote and convince everyone that Republicans want all women pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen.  Not true.  Republicans want women responsible for their own decisions and successful in their chosen careers.  The $500 sneakers are optional.  “Reproductive rights” are a matter of personal moral beliefs and as such should not be taxpayer supported.  No war here, just common sense.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, the Obama machine seems to be embracing him to assist in the President’s re-election bid.  It does seem odd that the “Party of Women” would enlist the help of such a misogynist.  I guess that is to be expected from a White House that pays its female employees less than their male counterparts.  I guess that is also expected from an Administration and Party that is so brutal in its criticism of intelligent successful Conservative women.  You want a real war on women?  Just wait until Liberal judges spurred on by this Administration and Justice Department begin acquiescing to Sharia law in their decisions…D’oh!

I wish I was more confident in the possibility of removing Obama from office in 2012.  What really nags me are the people who acknowledge that things in this Country are really crappy, yet when pressed say they will still vote for Obama.  They make the Ron Paul zombies look like deep thinkers.  I only hope the Obama re-election team keeps campaigning on these stupid points that are so easily shot down, or at worst actually reflect poorly upon the President himself.  If he keeps surrounding himself with idiots, it may eventually pay off.

Originally posted on 05/05/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com