Trayvon's Memory Not Served By Hatred

It always amazes me how many people are willing to trivialize the shooting or death of another human to score political points.  I’ve mentioned it in the past with regard to Congresswoman Giffords, and an unfortunate park ranger here in Washington State.  What kind of demented mindset believes that the memory of a dead or injured person is enhanced by controversy or divisiveness heightened by that tragedy?

The events of February 26, in Sanford Florida are tragic to the extreme.  I don’t know what kind of kid Trayvon Martin was.  I don’t know what kind of person George Zimmerman was. I do know that they met through the most random of circumstance, and that neither of them deserved to die because of it.

Many in the black community have jumped on this sad situation to stir up hatred and fear on both sides.  I ask you:  When has that ever worked out well for minorities in this Country?  The insane hyperbole and grandstanding of their most visible leaders only cheapens Trayvon’s life, and makes him a tool to be used for their blind hatred and culture of victimization.

The media has almost universally experienced their “Dan Rather moments” with questionable editing of video and audio related to the crime scene investigation.  Never mind that Detroit, Chicago or New Orleans have a couple hundred gun deaths each year.  Adults, teens and children all fall victim to rampant violence, much of it black on black.  The media apparently doesn’t care:  “Move along, nothing to see here.”  No political gains to be made reporting on that. The big three broadcast media has almost made their irrelevancy complete, and this coverage shows why.  If they couldn’t manipulate the news, they wouldn’t have much to tell us.  When FOX News is chosen as the most trusted network news source, de-evolution of the mainstream media is pretty clear.

I don’t know how the investigation will shake out in Sanford, but for those with cooler heads who want to see all the evidence before forming an opinion, I submit this:  The original police incident report from the officers involved at the time.   It’s not like it was hard to find.  Unfortunately I don’t think many people were really looking for it.  They were too busy shouting, waving signs and fanning the flames of hatred.  I only hope that Trayvon is the last victim of this tragic situation.

Originally posted on 04/01/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com


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