ABC News: Heartless Cheney Steals One!

Good Morning America at ABC ran a story this morning about Dick Cheney’s surprise heart transplant.  Apparently he has been on a waiting list for almost two years, being kept alive by a battery powered pump device.  The emphasis of the story wasn’t about the news of the story, or the technology of the procedure.  It was about the burning question:  Was Cheney too old for the transplant, and who did he cheat that might have benefited more from the transplant?  Obamacare, here we come.

The left doesn’t like to hear the words “death panels” so I won’t’ use them here, (whoops, too late). I don’t know what else you could call a group of government bureaucrats that decide who is worthy of life saving transplants or surgery.

Call me crazy if you want, but I am really concerned what criteria will be addressed behind closed doors.  Age, IQ, lifetime achievement, future potential, political leaning?  One could say that insurance companies make those decisions now, but they are based on financial considerations, not how the patient voted in the last election.  I’d take my chances with them any day over the guys in DC.

ABC’s report did mention in passing that Cheney waited longer than average for the transplant, and that there is no longer any general age limit for the procedure in a healthy person.  There was no apparent favoritism or preferential treatment for the former Vice President, so where is the news and who determined the headline emphasis?

Would they be asking the same question if the heart recipient was Nancy Pelosi (71) or Jimmy Carter (87)?  My bet is the media would be gushing over the incredible strength, vitality and long public service of these individuals, without a word about who they “stole” the heart from.

Originally Posted on 03/25/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com

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