Women's Issues Only Misdirect

People, please watch the other hand.  What you are seeing is not what is really going on.  This past week has seen a concentration of volatile issues related to women’s rights.  We’ve seen the military open more positions to women.  We’ve seen the controversy over where Susan G. Komen distributes its grants.  Perhaps most importantly, we’ve seen the Obama administration attempt to trample the religious freedoms of certain faiths in America, in the name of “women’s rights”.  Pay attention here.  What you are seeing is not what it seems.

Everything this White House does between now and November must be viewed through the prism of re-election.  The White House cares no more about women, than it does about the unemployed poor, but it desperately wants their votes.  We’ve seen the start of massive vote buying in the Administration’s $25 billion dollar shake down of the mortgage banking industry.  That money won’t help anyone long term, but it will keep them in their “underwater” homes at least through the election.

Similarly, the Komen attack no doubt orchestrated by the Progressive Left looks ingenuous at best.  It is hard to understand why such a tempest was raised over $680 thousand dollars from an organization that is funded to the tune of $363 million by our Federal Government.  As I argued in my previous post, this is about the right of an organization to distribute its assets in any why it sees fit.  The highly vocal outcry from the Left is pandering to women and women’s groups, and has nothing to do with any interpretation of “women’s rights”.

Now we have the Obama camp trying to beat the Supreme Court by preemptively initiating elements of Obamacare.  Attempting to force religious institutions to provide health insurance to its employees including contraceptive benefits was only the first round of the misdirection.  Everyone is now giggly about Obama’s apparent “compromise”, which does nothing but force insurance companies to offer free contraceptive benefits to employees who are denied at work.  It is not much of a stretch to see this expanded to all health insurance policies.  Watch the other hand:  All employers and employees who pay health insurance premiums, will be paying for contraception coverage regardless of religious or social beliefs.  Further, this sets the stage for eventual government funded abortions as a part of Obamacare.

All of this is just the latest round of Obama’s re-election strategy of “dividing to conquer”.  The more he can divide us and pit us against one another, while pandering to special interests and voting blocks, the better his chance of getting another four years to complete the carnage of his “fundamental change”.  Nothing that comes out of this Administration is as it seems.  We need to ask why political events are happening at this particular time, what is really happening and where is it going to lead?

During the next nine months, Conservatives will be facing a political enemy like none before.  We can’t be confused or sidetracked by all the crap that will come our way.  We can’t be diluted by disputes within our own ranks, and we can’t be misdirected by the bobbing and weaving of our opposition.  Most important, we must not lose sight of the ultimate goal:  Removing Obama and his Socialist cronies from office.

This election will not be about social issues, or foreign relations or even the economy.  It will be about how we and our children will live in America for the next 50 years or more.  It will be about a social structure and belief system that made this Country great, and allowed it to become the most powerful, successful society on the face of the earth.  It will be about the rewards and consequences of success and failure and our reliance upon innovation, ingenuity and risk.  Ultimately, it will be about living our lives under the thumb of a government that can’t control its own avarice or thirst for power.  Government did not make this Country great; the freedoms of its people did.

Originally posted on 02/11/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com