A Fair Share From Everyone

The Left is fond of accusing Tea Partiers and Conservatives of not wanting to pay any taxes.  I believe that to be a gross mis-representation.  Taxes are essential to funding our Country’s operation.  The United States Government generates no tangible product except stamps at the Post Office, so America is dependent upon an uninterrupted flow of cash from its citizens to keep everything moving along.  Although I don’t mind paying what I feel is my fair share, I sure get tired of hearing the President constantly whining about those who in his opinion, don’t.  Let’s talk for a moment about the people in this Country who really are not paying their fair share.

Forty seven percent of Americans pay NO income tax.  There are a few very wealthy among that group, but it is largely people living on the public dole.  They don’t care about how tax money is spent since they have no skin in the game.  All they worry about is when the next check will arrive from Uncle Sam.  If my rich uncle sent me $500.00 each month, you can be darned sure I would have to pay taxes on that income.  I think it is time to acknowledge that the phrase “fair share” means everyone pays something, no matter how little.  It is time to make everyone participate in solving this Country’s problems.

I am also tired of the President vilifying the wealthy in this Country because they legally pay low tax rates.  Charlie Rangel and his Congressional associates set those rates so they would pay less tax themselves.  It is unlikely they will change anytime soon, so Obama needs to get over it.  Attacking the rich guy down the street with torches and pitchforks won’t get you a job, or feed your family, but hard work and perseverance will.  If the President thinks that Warren Buffet is paying too little, he needs to ask Congress to adjust capital gains tax rates, and endure the consequences when he does.

Speaking of Rangel and Buffet, how about making them pay their fair share?  Charlie Rangel was censured by Congress for among other things, not declaring income from his rental properties and failure to pay taxes on that income.  Buffet is still fighting with IRS over a billion dollars in back taxes his companies owe going back to 2002.  Warren needs to stop challenging others to cover more of the debt, and start writing his own checks.

Finally, Government employees!  An article in Yahoo Finance points out that thousands of Federal employees and retirees owe billions with a “B” in unpaid back taxes.  What’s that all about?  You can see the list here.  Over 279,000 owe a total of $3.4 billion.  Notable are the 36 employees in Obama’s executive offices, 476 in the House of Representatives and 217 in the Senate.  In addition, 27,807 employees at the US Postal Service owe $283,365,996 and 2,841 employees at Health and Human Services owe $37,327,491.  Mr. President, someone in DC needs to get their own house in order before coming to the hard working taxpayers of this Country demanding that they pay their “fair share”.

Originally posted on 01/29/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com