Anybody But Romney?

Someone coined the phrase “Anybody But Obama” to describe the primary goal and direction of the Right in America.  I don’t know if that will be a winning strategy in 2012 or not.  The truth is “anybody” may not be able to garner enough independent and undecided votes to beat this incumbent.  Who the Republicans choose to receive their nomination is very important, and should not be treated as if anything but the status quo will do.  Interestingly however, this primary season has taken on the appearance of an “Anybody But Romney” mentality in the Republican ranks, which I think is the real story of the Presidential campaign so far.

Ironically, the people hurt most by Obama’s lack of experience and ability are those who voted for him, but now feel duped and lied to.  The economy didn’t get better.  The world still hates us, maybe even more than before.  There are more people on food stamps and welfare than ever.  The President makes unilateral decisions without the advice and consent of Congress, and has surrounded himself with advisors Czars and appointees of questionable qualifications and ethics.

People who were poor before his election are still poor now and no one has rescued anybody from their own personal Katrinas.  But these very voters are now in the position of staying with the evil they know, instead of changing to an evil they don’t know.  They are not about to vote for a candidate with unknown performance ability, because they got burned badly the last time they did.

In order to get that voting bloc, Republicans need a candidate who can instill confidence and good will in the American mood.  We don’t need anyone to tell us what is wrong with this Country.  We can all see that with our own eyes.  We need a cheerleader of sorts, personable, confidant and collected.  We need a candidate who makes us smile rather than worry about their motives and “Anybody But Romney” is not necessarily that candidate.

I am not banging the drum for Romney here.  Rather, I am warning that whoever the Right eventually chooses, had better be a candidate who can not only carry the Party faithful and Tea Party fringe, but also dig into the ranks of the disillusioned Left and huge bloc of independents who really shape election results in this Country.

I like Cain, Bachman and Paul for their fiscal conservatism.  I admire Gingrich for his knowledge of history and government.  I like Perry for his straight talk even with the occasional senior moment.  Conservatives have given each their day in the sun and now Santorum seems to be the man of the hour.

The perfect candidate is a fantasy.  The search for and insistence upon perfection will end in failure.  “Anybody But Romney” is a manifestation of that search.  Romney may not be the one to beat Obama, but if that is the case somebody better tell me who is, and do it soon.

Originally posted on 01/08/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com