It's Time To Clean Up The Trash

OK, they’ve had their collective say, and authorities have been more than patient.  It is now time to clean up the trash and send the riff raff home. No one has a right to set up housekeeping in a public or private park for even two minutes much less two weeks.  The Occupy (fill in the city) “movement” is tired already, and if any of these participants had a life, they would have moved on some time ago.  It is well past time to disperse this experiment in street democracy back to its various dorm rooms, parent’s basements and half-way houses.  Further, law enforcement should arrest the hardcore and professional protesters for trespass and haul them away.

The right of assembly and petition is guaranteed by our Constitution.  OK, fine but I think there is an implied requirement that you at least know what it is you are protesting.  If you merely want to pitch your tent downtown because you slept through your senior year in high school, and you can’t fill out a job application, or the President has convinced you that you are entitled to other people’s property, I hope it wasn’t a really good tent, because it is about to disappear.

In the 60’s and 70’s, I was involved in protests against the Viet Nam war.  At no time, did I ever disobey the law, destroy property or advocate the destruction of our Government.  I was and am a Capitalist.  I wanted to be rich someday, and I am still working on it, but I always recognized that success came from hard work, not from a hand out.  This rag-tag army of malcontents largely has no idea why they are there, are badly misinformed and worst of all are acting as useful fools for bigger ideological entities.

There are many groups and individuals who are backing this movement in the hope that it will destabilize our Government and political structure.  Their perverted thinking requires the total trashing of our system before they can install their own brand of “socially fair” society.  We see connections to George Soros, SEIU, Organized Labor, The Working Families Party (ACORN), various anarchists, socialists and the American Communist Party.  The actual amount of involvement is uncertain, but their fingerprints are all over these civil disobedience events.

Recent news indicates that many of these urban squatters have never seen the inside of a voting booth.  Moreover, they spout “democracy” fully believing that term means occupying and trashing public spaces, and shouting down anyone with whom they disagree.  In its truest sense, democracy means mob rule.  That is the kind of “democracy” we saw in Cairo, and now it has been replaced with what?

America was not founded upon, nor has it survived over 230 years on mob rule.  If these people want to affect change they need to go home, take a shower and get ready to vote.  It is well past time to clean up the trash, and leave the parks to the pigeons.

Originally posted on 10/13/2011 at ConservativeCompass.com