America Is Never So Strong...

“America is never so strong as when she is hurting, or her back is against the wall.”

Today across America, citizens of this great Country are participating in memorials to the events of 9/11/2001.  Clearly for many, ten years have not erased the scars, or lessened the sadness.  For many, there is a need for a gathering of strength and fellowship, even in sorrow.  The American people seem to come out on the other side more powerful and resolute and in this case with the understanding that this battle is not only for our way of life, but for life itself.

If the 9/11 attacks taught us anything, it was that we have an insidious ideological enemy that is constantly probing our weaknesses.  Our civility kept us from imagining that anyone would ever do such a thing.  Our bloated bureaucracy kept us from connecting the dots of intelligence information.  Our free and open society kept us from scrutiny of unusual airline passengers.  Those who wish to harm us, know our vulnerabilities all too well, and continue to watch us today.

This year’s events in the Middle East are the direct result of lack of U.S. support and influence in that area.  In the past couple years internationally, this Administration has gone to lengths to apologize, acquiesce, and abandon many, who if not strong allies were at least friendly to the United States.  We now find ourselves dealing with unstable packs of militant mobs, in unstable areas, with unknown long term leadership or goals.  What is happening there is not over, but only beginning.

If left unchecked, the entire Middle East will become a base of operations for those who wish us harm.  This Administration’s support of “democracy” in the region is short sighted and naive.  In its truest sense, democracy is mob rule.  The faction that is loudest, best organized and most violent will seize control.  From all indications, that will not be in the best interest of America, or the rest of the world.

9/11 taught us one more thing:  The passengers on three of the planes, who sat quietly waiting for a peaceful resolution, were done.  The passengers of Flight 93, who together mounted a fight, conquered an unspeakable evil and made a difference that they will never know.  The lesson is clear.  Our enemies feed upon our weakness here and abroad.  Hopefully the next Administration will believe in the power of our citizens and will work to restore our strength in the world because in the absence of a strong America, there is chaos.

Originally posted on 9/11/2011 at ConservativeCompass.com