I Think We've Turned A Corner

I believe it is time for optimism.  That has been a rare case in the last two years.  Yesterday’s budget battle in Washington heralded the new Conservativism that swept this Country in the form of the Tea Party, and displayed its power with the midterm Republican shift.  House Speaker Boehner’s skillful victory over whinny Socialists in the Senate is good news for Conservatives, and more importantly, all Americans, but there are a few more reasons to be encouraged.

The stock market is doing well, and especially so since the midterm elections.  I believe that Wall Street saw the conservative shift, recognized that President Obama’s radical agenda would be curtailed and acted accordingly.  My 401-K which is heavily tied to the Stock Market, is currently returning better than 12%.  That’s change I can believe in!

My day job is in the building trades, and I’ve seen plenty doom and gloom over the last two years.  I’ve seen companies down size and go out of business.  Recently however, my customers have been saying they are busy, some busier than ever.  That can only be good news for all of us.  Weekly the job indicators are rising.  The improvement has been tiny, and there are plenty people who have fallen off the unemployment rolls, but I’m willing to take any gains at all as good news.  Having owned my own business, I know that hiring is not done without a great deal of thought and planning, so any real reduction of unemployment will lag behind a true economic turnaround.

The events of yesterday are encouraging in another way.  The main stream media couldn’t spin the message their way.  No matter how they covered it, Speaker Boehner, Congressman Ryan and others in their Party appeared to be the fiscally rational wing of Congress, while Senator Reid and his associates came off as hysterical over being weaned from their beloved expenditures.  Even in conceding certain riders (meant to be bargaining chips in the first place), Boehner played his cards perfectly, throwing the Dems something to build their rhetoric upon, then taking it off the table.  In the end, they were left with nothing.

Originally posted on 04/09/2011 at ConservativeCompass.com