Misdirection In The Face Of Crisis

It’s been a week since the senseless and tragic shooting of 20 people including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  The last seven days have been an incredible exhibition of the art of crisis manipulation to obtain maximum misdirection for political gain.  In the media, the shooter has become almost irrelevant, his violent action an afterthought.  However, what has been emphasized by both sides of the political spectrum, are the outside influences that must have made him do it.  Again, we as a society are absolving this murderer of his personal responsibility for pulling the trigger, and placing blame at the feet of others who in this case simply dare to speak their mind.

Whether it is Sarah Palin “targeting” candidates to beat, or President Obama suggesting followers “Bring a gun to a knife fight”, this rhetoric is not the cause of violence.  Yet partisan opportunists want us to buy into that crap as they play out their games of political tit for tat.  They fight for political traction using the latest crisis to direct attention away from the real issues this Country is facing: Unemployment and crushing debt.

Has anyone noticed that the National Debt rolled over to $14 trillion?  Did anyone see that new unemployment claims exploded after the holidays, and gas prices are the highest they have been since 2008?  How about the housing market…Are there any homes selling in your neighborhood?  Have you seen the line out the door at the local food bank?

No, we would all rather spend our time taking pot shots (violent reference, sorry) at our political adversaries, and trying to convince Americans that we are taking the high road on this issue.  There is no high road here.  Everyone comes out with mud on their shoes, and we as a Nation have resolved nothing.

For once, it would be refreshing if we could deal with a senseless tragedy with decorum, common sense, and thoughtful reflection on its root cause without assigning blame to those with whom we disagree.  Political battles are to be fought in the polling booth, and determined by performance.  Trying to make hay on the misery and misfortune of others only cheapens the cause and increases the level of frustration for everyone.

Note to Congress and the media:  Let’s get back to the business of repairing this economy and healing our Country.  I am sure that Congresswoman Giffords would want it that way.

Originally posted on 01/16/2011 at ConservativeCompass.com