No Defense Against Insanity

Today we are saddened by news of another senseless act of violence in America.  This time it is an attack against a Congresswoman, and civilians at an Arizona shopping center.  A clearly deranged man shot and killed six, and wounded perhaps nineteen more including the Representative.  This post won’t be long, because the situation is tragic, and I don’t really want to pander to it.  However I am compelled to make a few observations.

1.  This is the act of a mentally deranged person.  His online posts make it clear that he has a gossamer grip on reality.  He picked a Congressperson to attack, but it could have just as easily been his mailman, or local police officer.  As sane people, we can’t understand the inner workings of a sick mind.  To read a political motive into these actions, is simplistic at best, and partisan at worst.  Unfortunately now we will be subjected to media talking heads trying to make right-wing connections to the shooter.  Why would Sarah Palin’s name be mentioned in a news story about a shooting in Arizona?

2.  The gun control freaks are absolutely on fire.  “If only this,” and “if only that.”  I don’t own a gun and probably never will, but I lived in a community where virtually everyone was armed, and knew how to use their weapon.  Crime was non-existent.  Where I live now, crazy people have attacked with hammers, knives, cars, hatchets, you name it.  A gun is simply a more efficient way to create mayhem.  The means is irrelevant, only the mind controls the action.  I saw someone on television saying we must find a way to keep guns out of the hands of insane people.  Perfect…a government test for insanity.  I think the Russians had something like that.  It is amazing how many “insane” people they found, and sent off to some “hospital”.

3.  Again, we have to listen to calls for shutting down “inflammatory speech” on radio and television.  Apparently, the Liberal mind is so weak that they believe all people will do as they are told by “hate mongers” in the Right-wing media.  I’m going to borrow something from my mother here.  “If they told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?”  I didn’t think so.  The truth is that Liberals can’t separate their emotions from civil discourse.  They can’t discuss politics without getting angry.  They think everyone else is that way too.  Here’s a news flash:  Many people can discuss honest differences of opinion without resorting to insult, innuendo or violence.  Libs should try it some time.  It is liberating.  Freedom of speech is sacrosanct in America.  The more I disagree with the speech,  the more vigorously I must defend it.  No one has a right to silence me or anyone else because they disagree with what we say.  And I refuse to walk on eggs for fear that some sick person can’t separate hyperbole from the real world.

My prayers go out to those injured today, and to the families of those killed.  It doesn’t matter to them who is responsible or what the ideology:  Ted Kaczynski, Nidal Hasan, Timothy McVeigh, killing indiscriminately is insanity, and sadly there is no explanation for, or defense against that.

Originally posted on 01/08/2011 at ConservativeCompass.com