Senate Dems Still Don't Get It

Here we go again.  The lame duck Congress is floating a $1.1 trillion Senate omnibus bill to accommodate federal funding for 2011.  This bill has twelve separate budgetary issues rolled into one, and they hope to pass it in total with no individual debate or amendment.  This one is a doozy, including thousands of earmarks (worth $8 billion) in a little over 1,900 pages.  Apparently our esteemed members of Congress learned nothing from the November election.  The Democrats are hoping that in passing this measure, they will assure funding next year at current levels with no budget cuts of any kind.  The bill needs 60 votes to pass, so now all Conservatives, and Republicans in particular must stand together to defeat it.  The new Congress has a mandate to change “business as usual” in Washington.  The last thing they need is to be saddled with the self-serving dishonesty of the current session.

Originally posted on 12/14/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com