Obama-GOP Compromise Stinks

OK, I’m going to make this short and to the point.  The Obama-GOP tax bill should be voted down.  Though it will extend Bush era tax rates for Americans another two years, it is full of the kind of baloney that we all voted against in November.  Not only did Republican leadership negotiate with the President behind closed doors without knowledge or input of the rest of its Congressional delegation, but the bill now includes an estate tax, extended unemployment benefits and more subsidies for “green energy”.  This is crap.  If this legislation cannot stand on its own with a simple up or down vote, then it should not stand.

I say, let it die on the vine.  Passing this bill at this time, with all the attachments increases the deficit, puts a two year band aid on a problem that requires permanent solutions, and allows President Obama to look like the “Great Mediator” who moved to the center to serve the best interests of the American people.

This patchwork of lawmaking should consist of four separate issues:

1.  Extend the Bush era tax rates permanently–up or down.
2.  Extend unemployment benefits for a defined period–up or down.
3.  Reinstate the practice of personal property theft in the form of an estate tax–up or down.
4.  Subsidize unprofitable “green energy” projects that if viable and desired by the public, would not need a subsidy–up or down.

All of these issues can be dealt with after January 5th, and can be retroactive.  That way Republicans and Democrats alike, can be held accountable or lauded for their work.  And President Obama, can’t claim credit for something he has been fighting against for two full years.

Originally posted on 12/13/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com