Some Republicans As Clueless As Dems

On November 2nd, we witnessed one of the largest political shifts to the Right in this Country’s history.  It is what we have been working for during the last two years, and it was gratifying to see that the American people have realized we were going in the wrong direction.  But now, the work begins.  Now the Republican leadership must lead and they must focus on the issues that drove this historical shift.  If however, they believe that November 2nd was a mandate to try to destroy this President, they are setting themselves up for massive failure.

It’s all about unemployment and our economy.  Americans who can’t pay their bills or feed their kids don’t really care about anything else.  When Republican leaders say their goal is to limit Obama to one term, we are discouraged.  Again we are hearing from political professionals more concerned with Party and power than serving their constituents.

We watched incredulously during the last two years, as Congress squandered their time on Obamacare, Cap and Trade, bailouts, endless spending and new entitlements.  All the while, unemployment grew, poverty increased and foreclosures soared.  We endured their disdain at town hall meetings and our hearts are now broken at the sight of soup kitchens populated not only by society’s helpless, but also by the very people who used to be productive contributors to such social services.

As the new crop of Conservatives take office, their primary objective must be to put America back to work.  Congress must allow citizens to keep more of their money through tax reduction, and give small businesses the assistance they need to expand.  They must remove the restrictions and barriers that force jobs overseas, and most importantly, this Government must stop scaring the hell out of everyone with capricious and costly actions that increase our debt and do nothing to improve the economy.

With the takeover of the House of Representatives, Conservatives in Congress will control the Federal purse strings.  Deciding where and when money can be spent gives the House a lot of power over what programs move forward, and which will collapse for lack of funding.  It is not necessary to work against this President, rather work for the people you represent.

In 2012 there are far more Democrats up for re-election than Republicans, and the R’s also have an advantage in upcoming redistricting.  Republicans must stay focused.  Do your job.  Do what you were elected to do, and do the best you can for Americans.  If you accomplish that, the other stuff about President Obama will take care of itself.  If you don’t, 2012 is yours to lose.

The House of Representatives was originally meant to be the people’s voice in our Federal Government.  This year, that voice was loud and clear, and it was a message that Republicans better not ignore.

Originally posted on 11/07/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com