Williams Thrown Under Bus By Progressive Tyrants

It is fun to watch Progressives throw their associates under the bus in order to forward their agenda.  Everyone that Obama’s administration has sacrificed has been yet another reason for optimism.  I was shocked today however to hear that Liberal Juan Williams was fired from his position at NPR (National Public Radio).  Williams has been a well respected journalist at NPR, but also an ongoing Liberal voice on the Fox News Channel.  During his guest visits on shows like O’Reilly and Hannity, he has steadfastly argued the opposing points with articulate, thoughtful, civilized discourse, an art the halfwits at NPR apparently know nothing of.

Mr. Williams, appearing on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor dared to say that he feels disquieted when he sees fellow passengers on an airline flight dressed in Muslim garb.  I believe he is stating an emotion that most Americans share, but one that is forbidden to be spoken in the Progressive world.  Apparently admitting your fears in dangerous times is a termination offense at NPR.

I don’t agree with much of what Juan Williams believes, but I do respect him for bringing an intelligent counterpoint to the discussion and I recognize his right to a Liberal world view.  Unfortunately for Mr. Williams, he does not fit the NPR standard for a Progressive journalist, and I believe they used this situation to send him on his way.  Their loss and our gain.  Juan has now experienced firsthand, the tyranny and intolerance exhibited by his cohorts on the Left.  He has also been offered a greater presence on Fox News.

NPR has over the years, been annoyingly Left leaning in its reporting of the news.  Their web site only reprints my blogs when I appear to be critical of Republicans.  But now it is particularly troubling that this powerful media outlet seems to be so totally directed by the Progressive agenda steeped in mindless ideology.  When does the instinct for self-preservation become bigotry?  To NPR they are one and the same.

Considering the fact that NPR derives a portion of their operating budget from the Federal Government, it seems to me, a massive conflict of interest unless of course they want to call it National Progressive Radio.  Can you imagine a similarly funded Right leaning network?  Perhaps it is time to clean house at NPR and bring it to a more broad representation of American thought, or alternately remove Federal funding and let it succeed or fail like every other radio station, on its own merits and revenue.

Regardless, I wish Mr. Williams success going forward.  Even after 10 years at NPR, I doubt he would ever have been allowed to attain his full potential in that organization.  For Juan, the best is yet to come.

Originally posted on 10/21/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com