Bad Luck In Arizona, Self-Inflicted

The Washington Post in an article today , described the plight of a young mother of two, living in Phoenix Arizona.  Her husband, disabled five year old son and two year old daughter are American citizens.  Unfortunately, she is not, having entered this Country illegally eight years ago.  It is a sad story with moody bleak photos that tug at the heart strings.  Apparently, her days are consumed with fear of being arrested and deported, and she is considering packing up and moving to Moses Lake Washington, where she will blend into the Hispanic population with little chance of incarceration.  Being somewhat socially liberal, I initially felt really bad for this woman.  Then I started to think logically about her situation. No matter how I try to rationalize her bad luck, I come back to one indisputable fact:  She is living a life of consequences brought about by her poor decision making.  She spent $2000 to gain illegal entry to the United States.  She became pregnant with two children knowing full well she couldn’t support them and that their father was undependable.  She is now about to sell everything she owns to move to a state with unknown job prospects or living accommodations

Her current husband took her in after they met on a city bus, but is now unemployed, 55 and contributing nothing to the family accept a monthly $600 for care of the older child.  Based on the photos, with their meager earnings, they can still afford cigarettes, internet, cable TV and restaurant food.  They live in an adequate looking apartment, which must be rent subsidized.  Times are tough, but they are not desperate.

But the children, they really get to me.  They are darling, and I would adopt them in a heartbeat.  They are the true victims of this situation and they deserve better.  How dare this woman bring these babies into the world under such circumstances?  The article is heavy on how difficult this time is on her.  Perhaps she needs to ponder how difficult it is going to be on her kids.

So we read this sad story that tries to make the Arizona (and Federal) Immigration laws the villain.  She is forced to decide between a return to Mexico, a move to a more Liberal state or hiding out in Phoenix for the rest of her life, and somehow it is our fault.  I just hope she decides against Moses Lake.  Otherwise as a resident of Washington, I will not only be at fault for her self-inflicted problems, I’ll be paying for them as well.

Originally posted on 10/10/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com