Party Cry Babies Bigger Problem Than O'Donnell

I thought this was about the will of the people.  Apparently only if that will follows the party line.  Who knew that establishment Republicans would be as territorial as a mama bear?  Well, actually anybody who has been paying attention.  The DC establishment is made up of both D’s and R’s neither of which like it when control slips from their grasp.  Christine O’Donnell’s primary win in Delaware over party approved nine-term Representative Mike Castle has sent the old guard a message, and they are very uncomfortable with it.

Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer have been scathing in their criticism of the O’Donnell win, even suggesting that control of the Senate has been lost because of it.  I respect Rove and Krauthammer for their insight, but this sour grapes criticism of O’Donnell seems a bit hypocritical.  They welcome Tea Party help, but only on their terms.  This isn’t about Karl and Charles, it is about our Country, and they need to get over it, and support the winner of the primary whoever that may be.

I’ve not been a strong supporter of the Tea Party, but I think the grassroots force it exerts on our political system is undeniable, and so far at least has been a good thing for America.  It has awakened a vast portion of our citizens to what politics is really about, and it has reaffirmed the belief that We The People do have a say in how business is conducted in Washington DC.

This heady notion of power however, does give a venue to the extremists who share Tea Party ideals.  The trick for Tea Party Republicans is to find the healthy middle ground of agreement on platform, ideology and implementation that will accomplish Conservative goals without alienating independent voters.  There is a risk of losing ground in the pursuit of ideological purity.

The Republican establishment would do well to embrace this movement, and teach its followers how it is done in DC.  Cooler heads must now turn this potentially dangerous divisiveness into a positive union to strengthen the Conservative movement.  Crying about a legitimate primary win is pointless; the people have spoken.  Now, job one is to support that candidate with all the resources available to win the seat in Congress.  It would be best to stop pointing out the candidates flaws (the opposition will do that, thank you), and start promoting their strengths.  Do you suppose Rove and Krauthammer would prefer the Democrat win?  Sometimes it appears so.

Having said all that, perhaps it is time for a narrower, more defined Republican Party line.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid certainly are driving the Democrats toward a pure Progressive orientation.  It might be time to return Republicans to their Conservative roots, and let the chips fall where they may.  At least voters will have a clear choice when they enter the polling booth.  With the election of 2008 behind us, I believe that Americans when given that clear choice, will make the right decision.

Originally posted on 09/18 at ConservativeCompass.com