Oh For God's Sake Man, Quit Whining!

It is inescapable.  The headlines are everywhere in the press and on the Blogosphere.  “President Blames GOP for Making Life Harder on Unemployed” “Obama Pins Lagging Economy on Obstructionist GOP” “Obama Blames GOP for Lack of Jobs” “Obama Blames Republicans for His Own Stealth Appointments” “Obama blames GOP for lack of bipartisanship” “Poor Jobs Report in August; Obama Blames Republicans”.  Enough already!  I feel compelled to remind the President of a few important numbers:  56 and 41.  That is the number of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.  Then there are 255 and 178, the number of Democrats and Republicans in the House.  If Obama’s initiatives aren’t moving forward, it has nothing to do with the minority Republicans.

He seems to have given up on the incessant blaming of President Bush.  Now that nationwide polls are showing a preference for the previous rather than current administration, it has become clear even to Obama, that is a strategy which gets no traction.  Now he is in full fledged campaign mode.  Blame the opposition for everything, and hopefully the audience is gullible enough to buy the argument.  Just one thing: he is facing a very different electorate than he did two years ago.

Both Presidents Clinton and Bush were able to work with an opposition Congress and get things done.  This is clearly a failure at the top by a President who can’t seem to take personal responsibility for anything.

Mr. President, it is not the Republicans standing in your way, rather it is the Democrats who are abandoning you at a record pace.  Man up and take responsibility for your unpopular, screwball, Progressive agenda, and for God’s sake, quit whining.

The good news for you is that after November, you really can blame the Republican majority for not allowing you to do any more damage.

Originally posted on 09/15/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com