Will Republicans Hand Obama Another Term?

Incumbent Presidents historically do well if the economy is doing well.  With the possible exception of executive order, Congress really controls the agenda and direction of this Country.  They control what bills move forward and they control the funding of all federal programs.  That is why blaming George Bush for the economic woes of the last four years and eighteen months is so ridiculous.  The President accomplishes nothing without the cooperation of Congress, and the Democrats have been in charge since 2006.  If they didn’t like what he was doing, they could have easily stopped it.  Bush’s propensity for big spending suited them just fine, and they have used it as an excuse for fiscal insanity ever since.

But now with the mid-term elections less than ninety days away, and the likelihood of a Republican sweep,  GOP winners will have a tough decision to make.  Do they allow the status quo to continue, blaming Democrats for the problems they now cannot fix, and leveraging their position for a GOP Presidential victory in 2012?  Or, do everything in their power to put America back to work, regain fiscal responsibility and secure this Country knowing that if they are successful, they may inadvertently be handing a second term to President Obama?

I believe it is time for the Party of the Right to do what’s right.  This Country is hurting and at this point I don’t care who’s fault it is anymore.  When the Republicans regain control of Congress, they must get America back on track.  They must stop the hemorrhaging of Federal money for ineffective, failed or wasteful programs.  They must secure our borders and achieve true energy independence.  Most importantly, they must lay the groundwork to undo what damage has been done by this Progressive administration and their useful fools in Congress.

They must kill for all time, Cap and Trade legislation and Card Check organized labor schemes.  They must tie up funding for Obamacare to minimize the waste before there is a chance of repeal in 2012.  They must pass a balanced budget amendment and then accomplish that task by cutting spending rather than increasing taxes.  They must insist upon fair, reasonable immigration laws and enforcement, and they must support the sovereignty of the States recognizing the right of each to conduct its own business without Federal interference.

The United States has had plenty lousy Presidents, and has survived them all.  Usually Americans figure it out and elect an opposing Congress to keep them in check, or throw them out after one term.  As much as I dislike the current Chief Executive, I believe the economic well-being of this Country trumps strict ideology.  If putting Americans back to work and our Country back on track gives the incumbent an edge in 2012, so be it.  Let the chips fall where they may.

However, that possibility must send a clear message to the GOP.  In all cases, do what is right for Americans, and let them know it.  Clean your own house, and be the honest, responsive and responsible politicians you claim to be. Show us how bad the other guys are, by showing us how good you are.  Most importantly start the grooming process for a 2012 Presidential candidate.  If the economy doesn’t improve by then, Obama could lose to almost anyone.  But, if it turns around, for whatever reason, the GOP will need a personable, straight talking, ethically and morally clean candidate and they need to start that search now.  The alternative might well be handing President Obama a second term, courtesy of the GOP.

Originally posted on 08/07/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com