On This Day, We Hold These Truths...

On this day each year, when we celebrate the self-evident truths delineated by our Founding Fathers, it is an excellent time to consider some other truths:

English is the language of opportunity and success in America, (thank you, Sean Hannity).  To ignore that fact is to sentence oneself to a lifetime of second-class citizenship.

It is OK to cherish one’s heritage, but not to the exclusion of the culture and laws of your host country.  If you came here for a better life, what is the point in challenging or trying to change the established structure of your new home?  Better to return and fight for the improvement and prosperity of your own Country and your fellow citizens.

E Pluribus Unum means “Out of many, One”.  Though the United States was shaped by the contributions of a diverse legal immigrant population,  its strength is derived not from the pursuit of their individual interests, but by their unity as Americans.

Personal property, the right to the fruit of one’s labor, ambition and resourcefulness is sacrosanct.  Other people’s rights end, where your personal property begins.  When we abridge personal property rights, we also destroy the concept of personal responsibility and the need to plan for the future.  In addition we kill personal ambition and make the distinction between success and failure irrelevant.

No one has a right to what they can’t afford.  To think otherwise is to condone theft.

What is good for the wealthy, is good for the poor.  I have never been employed by a poor person.  With exception of my own business, every penny I have ever earned, has come from a company owner who through innovation, intelligence and personal risk was much wealthier than me.

A Country without strong borders, is not a Country.

Freedom of religion does not require its exclusion from our culture.  I am not a spiritual person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tolerate those who are.  Our Founding Fathers were pious men and much of what they conceived in the Declaration and Constitution is based on a firm spiritual foundation.  If we are now going to allow public concessions to one particular religion such as foot baths, prayer mats and berkas, then why not also a Christmas Manger in the town square?  The denial of religion in this Country’s culture and traditions, is the denial of history and fact.

Charity begins at home, and should stay there.  Forced government charity, welfare and the redistribution of wealth do little to address the core problems, but rather perpetuate dependence, reward poor decision making, and rob recipients of their pride and dignity.

You can only go to the well so many times.  The wealthy in this Country have the means to liquidate their assets or pack up their companies and leave… and they will.

Government must be responsive to the people of this Country.  The veil of “politics as usual” has been lifted and the backroom deals and political payoffs still exist, but not without scrutiny.  Americans now, more than ever are going to hold this Government responsible for it actions and the results.  Members of both parties will increasingly understand that they work for the people, and as such will be held accountable for their errors, ignorance and waste.  The Declaration of Independence was a document asserting freedom from an intrusive, greedy and unresponsive government, and as such should be remembered not only today, but every day of the year.

Originally posted on 07/04/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com

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