My Plate Is Full

I will be the first to admit I am suffering a monumental case of writer’s block.  It’s not that there is a shortage of things to write about, it’s quite the opposite.  My plate is so full, I can’t tell the corn from the peas.  The breathtaking pace with which this administration is changing our Country is almost impossible to get your arms around.  It has become increasingly difficult to focus on individual outrages and as a result, the inclination is to give up and let it pass.  In this post, I am going to attempt to scrape a little bit off my plate so I can get back on track and continue the fight.

The Pendulum Swings
Primary results across the country are favoring Uber Conservative candidates.  RINO’s are in as much danger of losing their election bid, or seat in office as are Progressive Liberals.  I’ve been predicting for some time, a Conservative blow out in 2010.  It is possible that Democrats could lose both the House and Senate.  Such a result makes Liberals sick to their stomach, but I have to say, it doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy either.

America is a center-right country, and our citizens do not appreciate radical extremism on either side of the aisle.  It is exciting to see Tea Partiers and hard line Conservatives flexing their political muscle.  It is also encouraging to recognize that we could negate the Progressives currently running wild in DC before they get a chance to damage this Country irreparably.  However, cooler heads in the Republican party must recognize that Americans by and large will not accept extreme “Righties” any more than they are accepting the hard core “Lefties” in charge right now.  The Party would do well to recruit and procure Conservative candidates who support the concepts of limited government and fiscal responsibility without being ideologues.  The pendulum is indeed swinging in our direction, but it serves no purpose if it swings too far.

The FCC And The Internet
A political commentator on the radio the other day said it very well:  “This administration trusts nothing it doesn’t control.”  Banking, mortgages, education, insurance and auto manufacturing have all fallen to government intrusion and control.  Now the FCC, after losing its “Net Neutrality” case in the courts is doing an end run to control the Internet by declaring it a utility just like the electric company.  They would tell you that they just intend to regulate rates and insure access to all Americans.  I believe it is a slippery slope to censorship of content.  If they can control what you are charged, they can control what you can see and what you can post.

Puerto Rico Statehood
While nobody was looking, Congress moved forward with legislation to allow Statehood for Puerto Rico.  This is a clear and blatant attempt to add two Democratic Senators and at least six left leaning Representatives to Congress.  In our current economic crisis, this is the worst possible idea anyone could come up with.  Doing so would add the 27th most populous state where almost half of that population lives below the poverty level.  The poorest parts of Puerto Rico make rural Mississippi look like the Vegas strip. How could anyone believe it’s a good idea to add a million and a half or more people to welfare rolls and God knows how many to the unemployment line?  This one inexplicably had some Republican support.  Go figure.

Open Your Wallet
Speaking of things that will bankrupt this Country, Congressional auditors today admitted that the federal bail out of Chrysler will ultimately cost taxpayers as much as $34 billion dollars.  Also today we hear that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not only in receivership and being administered by the Government, but also still making huge loan guarantees to bolster the housing market, with no real possibility of recouping their losses…ever.  Throwing good taxpayer money after bad to support housing is going to become a matter of public policy.  You can bet on it.

Is Europe To Big To Fail?
As long as your wallet is open, lets talk about Europe.  Is it too big to fail?  Greece apparently was.  Since the United States pays the lion’s share of support for the International Monetary Fund, any bail outs of Europe of any of its countries will be financed by guess who…You and me.  Germany and France are likely  to be next in line with their hands extended.  If we have to bail out France, I say OK on one condition.  In return for my hard earned money, every French citizen must be required once a year, to visit the beaches at Normandy, stand on the sand with the sea at their backs, and thank God and the American people that German is not their national language.

Originally posted on 05/17/2010 at ConservativeCompass.com