Corporations continue to chose sides on the 2nd Amendment. It's probably not yours.

Several businesses have come under pressure since the Parkland shootings to dissociate themselves from the firearms community.  CitiBank and Bank of America have both strictly limited availability of finances to gun-relates entities.  Dick’s Sporting Goods has paradoxically ceased offering one of the foremost sporting goods.  Furthermore, they have groveled at the feet of progressives by not only firing their republican lobbyist, but hiring three anti-gun progressives in replacement.

On paper, most of us believe in free markets and free association.  Bake the cake or don’t, and I will or won’t patronize the place as I like.  That said, these things do not exist in a vacuum, especially corporations who wield vast influence in our society both culturally and financially. Chick-fil-a stood their ground and kept excelling in their area of competence and not only survived, but thrived.  These companies are not making decisions according to markets but bowing to the threat of the Social Justice mob. To be fair, although the lawfare waged in civil court for wrongful death against gun commerce has been unsuccessful so far,  all it takes is one screwball from somewhere like the Ninth Circus to throw it all in Jeopardy.

In that interest, especially for the part about the 2008 Bailout, Our friend Ted Cruz (R-TX) has inquired as to Citi and BoA intentions re: the 2nd amendment after accepting the Generosity Of The U.S. Government.  Government activity is still subject to the constitution and due to bailout terms, these banks may become subject to the same interests. Not to mention everyone else in commerce, like the National Shooting Sports Foundation, that has no obligations to do business with them.