Re: Skanderbeg's RedHot

The key principle here seems to be patience. Laar said that they “tried to become too rich too fast.” It seems to me that in our present crisis, we are flailing about desperately trying to hold on to what (with loan agreements) was never ours. And as the present economy shakes us down to what we truly own and don’t own, the government is now trying to take what was not ours and make it ours, as if it was our right since we had been acting like it was our to begin with.

Economics is organic and cannot be controlled by any one entity, only nurtured and cultivated. Too much interference, such as the refusal to cut off “sapper” branches and it will wither. But if things shake out, and the unreliable people are allowed loose what was lent to them, then those who are able to do so will feel more comfortable lending to those of us who *are* reliable. These things must shake out for a healthy economy.

There are two ways to succeed in life:  Allow people to freely trade for mutual good and advancement,  or keeping the people under the thumb of a a falsehood while gaming the system for ones own benefit.  Our current overlords obviously practice the later, but a lie can only be maintained for so long.

I’m with Moe and Instapundit on this one. Where are my sharpened farm implements?