Standing on the Side of Puppies

     No, this post is not about puppies.  The title could be ‘Standing on the Side of Apple Dumplings’, or ‘Standing on the Side of Beautiful Music’  or standing on the side of anything that we all can agree is just wonderful.  I chose puppies to draw attention and to make a point.  The point won’t really need to be stated, though I may try to state it anyway.

     I never know what it’s going to be when I open up my daily paper.  It might be a guest column by a young Muslim at the local college trying to explain the wonders of the Quran and the  way Mohammed and Jesus are , like, the same because the Quran was revealed to Mohammed and the Gospel was revealed to Jesus.  Why, of course, how stupid of me!  That type of thing.  Or something by a First Amendment group about how Barry Lynd has every right to enter my courthouse square with a bulldozer and knock over the granite monument etched with the Ten Commandments.  That type of thing.  Or how I need to come to terms with the fact that, should I choose to wash my car in my non-porous driveway and allow all those toxic soap suds to run off into the gutter and down to pollute the local stream, my grandchildren will be there with recording equipment and the phone number of the local reporting agency.  That type of thing.

So I just never know, and today as I opened up to the ‘Perspectives’ page in the Op-ed section, there it was.  A large half-page illustration of two cardboard cutout, sexless stick figures above two entwined golden wedding rings.  Below that is the body of the article with the title, the beautiful title, “Why I Stand on the Side of …….(ready?) …..Love”.  Now, you know already what the story line is here, just from that much. I don’t really need to explain it in much detail.  Suffice it to say, the piece is an article by a local ‘community minister’  from a denomination that has, shall we say, ‘universal’ membership.  As you may surmise, the piece is a sob story for all the oppressed lovers throughout the land suffering under the abomination and tyranny of the Defense Of Marriage Act.  It has all the themes – discrimination, bigotry, denial of right, denial of benefit, dehumanization, segregation, oppression – yes, all of that and more.  Oh, and it even includes the new theme of ‘family values’.  Extending the definition of ‘family’.  Why, of course.  And to boot, the author tosses in the shameful way immigrants are treated in America, as well.  Yes,yes. show them the love, too.

Yes, all of that.  That type of thing.  Nothing new here.  So why did I feel the need to post a diary and rant about it?  Well, the stated reason for the article is public awarenes of a public advocacy campaign called ‘Standing on the Side of Love’.  This campaign was theoretically inspired by a shooting that occurred a few years back at an outlet of this ‘universal’ congregation that supposedly was prompted by the church’s acceptance of the alphabet soup of sexuality.  Yes, another familiar theme.  “Stop the violence” and “Stand on the side of ‘Love’.”  Okay. We promise to renounce violence and reserve our hatred for global weather.  Again, nothing new here.  Same old liberal media giving same old column space to same old social justice groups for propaganda purposes.  So what’s my beef today?

    My beef is that the very first line of the piece is this:  “Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day- is National Standing on the Side of Love Day”.  That sentence is a lie, and it is not buried in the article, it is the very first sentence of the piece.  February 14 is indeed Valentine’s Day, a traditional celebration of Love, but it is not  ‘National Standing on the Side of Love Day’   You know that.  I know that.  The author of the piece knows that.  But the author of the piece did not qualify the sentence to explain it is just her tribe that says that day is that day.  And the editors of the newspaper know that.  And there is the rub.  The false premise that everyone has to operate under, from the outset, is that there is a National day of observance for something that a minority interest group is promoting, and whether or not you agree with their mission, it was written that Feb. 14 is National Standing on the Side of Love Day, so get out of the way and get over it, pretty please.

     Again, why the frustration?  People say stuff all the time that’s not true, and anyway it really is a shame that there was a shooting, and we all abhor shootings and, like, oppression and stuff, right?  Yeah, just like everyone adores puppies.  Only this isn’t about puppies.  And it is not about love.  And it is not about puppy love.  It is about changing the definition of marriage.  And nobody is contesting some group’s right to observe a day in each and every one of their congregations, nationwide, or globally for that matter.  But no one has the right to designate that day for ….the Nation.  Neither my congressional representative nor anybody elses, that I am aware of, agreed to that resolution. And the editors have an obligation to note a false statement of fact, even in an opinion piece, especially one so blatant, that might cause the unaware to doff their ball caps, or alter their routines, or otherwise be used to support something they have no clue about.   But no editor’s note here.  Never is on a left-wing diatribe.  Of course, it’s  not just that the author had to lie about ‘the National Day’ but that she had to lie about what she is ‘standing on the side of’.  She couldn’t title her article “Why I Stand on the Side of Gay Marriage”.  That  wouldn’t get as many clicks from the gushing puppy-lovers all across the landscape, would it?  They then wouldn’t get the full force and effect of the horrors described in the  body of the article. And to be fair,  note that the idea is not original to this author.  This is a ‘national’ program. The terminology used is a ruse, as most of the social gambits are that I read about in my local press every day.  Only now, it seems it has gone past just  me trying to take it  with a grain of salt, and dashing off the occasional outraged missive.   Now, they tell me, and my unsuspecting grandchildren, we have to ‘Stand on the Side of….Something’, because it’s, like, a National Day, don’tchaknow?  And the reason I wrote this diary is because it’s not just here in in Podunk, Outerwinterbottom.  National means national.  Are you standing for wonderful things where you live?

Here is the link.  Enjoy.