Virginia's General Election is Underway

Yesterday, Virginia Democrats selected Creigh Deeds as their nominee for this year’s gubernatorial campaign. I congratulate Creigh on his victory. While I had held out hope for a contentious and drawn out recount it doesn’t look like that will happen! Now, the general election is underway. I’m looking forward to it. And, no matter what state you call home, I hope you are too.

We are running a positive, issues-driven campaign here in Virginia. We are the campaign of “Yes.” We are saying yes to new jobs, yes to offshore drilling, yes to a worker’s right to a secret ballot, yes to greater choice in our public schools, yes to spending restraint and yes to greater transparency in our state government. Voters are responding. We are met by great crowds at every campaign stop. This is a campaign with momentum. Now I’d like to ask for your help in keeping it going.

Please visit www.BobMcDonnell.com to learn more about our campaign. If you can, we’d be honored to receive a small donation.  Sign up for our email list. Pass on information to your friends. Virginia, and America, faces tremendous challenges right now. Voters are looking for candidates with solutions. I’m running a campaign of solutions that are based in our shared conservative philosophy.

This election is about Virginia. But I know that they eyes of the nation are on us. I hope you’ll take a minute to check out our campaign, read up about our proposals, and get involved in our effort to implement common-sense conservative solutions that will create new jobs and more opportunities all across Virginia. Today my campaign launched an effort to raise 20k online , can you help us reach this goal?

Thank you.