GOP Needs To Change Communication Techniques

I want to first thank RedState for giving me this opportunity and for the wonderful work Erick and the other contributors do. RedState is a place where conservatives across the country can work together to shape and mold policy. Never has this work been more critical, or more necessary.

November 2008 marked a new beginning for the Republican Party. Leading up to the 2008 elections, I think we all recognized that our party needed to make some changes to the way we do things. The sweeping victory of President Obama and the Democrat majorities in Congress made that fact crystal clear. As the Republican nominee for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia I know our race this year will be the focus of conservatives all across the country. People will be watching us to see what lessons we have learned, and if we can help start the process of bringing conservatism back. I believe we can, but not without your help.

I want our campaign for Governor to provide an example for Republicans across the country to follow. With that in mind our campaign will have a few defining traits that I hope will both set us apart from our opponent, while putting us ahead on Election Day. I would like to mention two of them today.

I’ve said time and again that our campaign will reach out to every single voter in the Commonwealth. I’m not ceding a single vote. We are going to take our message of fiscal responsibility, low taxes, personal freedom and opportunity to every voter. And we will do it in a way not employed by enough Republican candidates. That brings me to what will be the second defining trait of our campaign.

I want our campaign to revolutionize the way we do voter outreach. I know the majority of Virginians share the same conservative, common sense values that we believe in. But the way our party reaches voters with our message has become stagnant over the years. You see the same tactics employed rover and over again, and they no longer work. We need to change the way we communicate with voters.

If I know one thing, I know that people are interacting with media in a way that we have never before seen. I recognize this and I believe that people will see us as the techno-savvy campaign this year. We understand younger voting demographics, we understand new media technologies, and we understand the remarkable power of successfully reaching voters with our common sense, conservative message.

I am very excited about an article published this week in the Weekly Standard that  profiles our campaign, and how we are talking to all Virginians, right from the start.  If you have a free minute or two I hope you will check it out.

This will be an exciting campaign as it takes shape over the months ahead. I am excited, I know Virginia voters are excited, and I hope that as you learn more about what we are doing you will be excited, and you will get involved. 

Today, I want to invite you to come be a part of our online community over at www.bobmcdonnell.com. Learn more about our campaign, and see how you can stay in touch with us, and help us win this race. This is a critical election for the Commonwealth of Virginia. But it is also an important election for our Party and our conservative philosophy. We are going to win this race, and this will mark the beginning of the return of conservatism in this country.  I hope you will join us in this effort.