There Will be no Triad Modernization under Obama

As predicted. During the run up to the ratification of the New Start nuclear arms treaty RINO’s signed up because Obama “promised” to fund modernization of the nuclear enterprise and the triad delivery systems like the Minuteman III ICBM. As the story below shows Obama seems to have forgotten to fund the Minuteman III modernization study: From Global Security Newswire

U.S. Air Force Changes Mind — Again — on Funds to Study ICBM Options

A U.S. Minuteman 3 ICBM lifts off in a 1980 test launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The U.S. Air Force is unable to specify a planned fiscal 2012 funding level for studying future ICBM modernization options (U.S. Defense Department photo).

WASHINGTON — More than two months after the Obama administration submitted its fiscal 2012 budget request to Congress, the U.S. Air Force cannot say exactly how much it will spend to explore options for modernizing its ICBM fleet, nor where the money will come from (see GSN, March 23).

Relatively small dollar amounts are involved: probably less than $3 million as part of a $671 billion Defense Department budget for the next fiscal year.

However, repeated Air Force fumbling over whether it programmed 2012 funds to study future ICBM options has offered political grist to Senate Republicans who question whether President Obama is seriously committed to updating aging U.S. nuclear weapons and their delivery platforms.



I posted all over the internet at military technology websites that modernization would get lost in the black hole of the Obama budget. As Rush says I’ll use for my prediction, “I’m not that smart I just know how leftists think.”

My other thought is why do Republicans (see recent budget battle) negotiate like the Democrats negotiate with the Russians, that ain’t good if anyone is wondering.