When it Comes to Weakening the US its Always Rush, Rush, Rush

From Global Security Newswire:


Here are some quotes (my comments are in italics)

“It is obligatory for the United States to ratify” the treaty, Schlesinger told the Senate panel. There is “nothing in the treaty that is problematic,” added the official, who served in the Nixon and Ford administrations.

Nothing is problematic, wow the perfect treaty the first time is human history this has been achieved. The Russians say it limits our missile defense but Hillary says it doesn’t good enough for me, not.

“The argument has changed” as respected Republicans have increasingly backed the document’s ratification, arms control advocate David Cohen said. Today, “it’s are you a sane, prudent responsible person? Or are you going to be on the fringe?”

You support Obama and suddenly you are a respected Republcan, but you have a different opinion you are on the fringe. The standard Leftist argument.

“The American people want to see Congress accomplish something, and START is a made-to-order agreement,” added Andy Johnson, national security programs head for the think tank Third Way. “If the Republicans delay the process, they open themselves up to the charge of putting politics over national security”

I bet MAYBE 5% of the population knows anything about this treaty other than it cuts nuclear weapons so it is great (notwithstanding it weakens the nation) And the kicker in the last sentence: You don’t support the treaty you are playing politics. Only Republicans play politics to the left.

I am so sick and tired of the “you can never disagree with Obama and the left or you are an extremist just playing politics” Never any room for dissent. I really can’t take it anymore.