Slip Sliding Away Superpower

Treaty to Cut U.S.-Russia Nukes; Signing in 2 Weeks

After long and trying negotiations, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev are to sign the treaty in two weeks in Prague, once final technical details are worked out, officials in Washington and Moscow said. The accord is expected to cut the number of long-range nuclear weapons held by each side to about 1,500, and it raises hopes for further disarmament in the years ahead.

The deal is seen as sealing an increased level of trust and cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, who possess the vast majority of the world’s nuclear arms and have labored under strained relations in recent years.

The rest of the story from Newsmax (original story from AP) http://newsmax.com/Newsfront/US-Russia-Nuclear/2010/03/24/id/353783


Notice how the AP totally distorts and shapes the story about how great this is and does not quote one opponent, of which there are many. Most nuclear policy experts say this further downsizing of our arsenal is a total waste of time and may even be dangerous as our allies might not think the US’s “extended deterrence” policy covers them anymore. Some, like Japan and South Korea, might develop their own arsenals as a hedge against further US decline. See that anywhere in the story?

But the worst part of the story is how the AP is trying to create the impression that without this treaty Russia and the US are on the brink of nuclear war. REALLY!! On the brink of nuclear war with Russia, gee I must have missed all those “BREAKING NEWS” alerts describing the intolerable tension and video footage of people digging bomb shelters.

But of course all this is complete hyperbole to once again paint Obama and the greatest president in the history of the United States. Can media coverage of Obama get worse……just wait til 2012!