Obama's Worldview on Display - Arms Control Edition

As everyone here at Redstate already has seen, Obama comes from the “blame America first” or “America is the problem” wing of the Democrat Left (the majority of them in this administration and Congress/Senate). Here is another example from Amb. Ellen Tauscher – she is the lead negotiator for arms control in the current Start Treaty renewal/replacement process with the Russians. In a recent Defense News article I was stunned to read quotes from her with regard to US nuclear weapons.

“We don’t want people believing that we expect to go out and build new weapons,” she said. Thus the RRW program became “dangerous” when it came to be perceived as a program to “modernize” rather than “refurbish” warheads

“We had to get rid of RRW,” Tauscher said. The perception that the United States was improving its nuclear arsenal undermined U.S. efforts to convince non-nuclear countries not to seek nuclear weapons and to encourage nuclear-armed nations to shrink their inventories.

Under the Stockpile Management program, the NNSA would maintain the nuclear stockpile without adding to its capabilities, without testing and “without causing people to be concerned about what we are doing,” Tauscher said.

Now read those paragraphs carefully, they are absolutely incredible. It basically says we can’t do anything that are enemies perceive as dangerous to THEM! Tauscher has just announced to the world that all you have to do is say the US is threatening or dangerous and we’ll disarm or curtail OUR ACTIVITIES.

This is Peace through Weakness at its finest.