Hurry Disarm So I look Good to the Nobel Committee

From Newsmax:

Russia to Boost Obama With Nuclear Treaty

Moscow and Washington want to reach a deal on a key nuclear disarmament treaty before US President Barack Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, a Kremlin source was quoted as saying Friday.


The source, quoted in the Kommersant daily, said the Obama administration wanted to sign an agreement on replacing the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) before the Nobel ceremony and that Moscow was willing to oblige.


“On December 10 the ceremony for awarding Nobel laureates will take place… Our partners want the document to be signed before the Nobel Peace Prize is given to Barack Obama,” the Kremlin source was quoted as saying……………………………

So once again it is all about Obama. How can you possibly negotiate a nuclear arms treaty in 6 months? My second question; Do you think Moscow will “extract” concessions in order for Obama to go to Oslo and hail his great success?