Calling John Fund

I have worked elections in Canada and I will pass on a story that seems to be repeated in races around the US by the dozens.

I volunteered to help try and defeat a member of the Canadian Parliament who routinely won her seat by less than 200 votes. We worked very hard and on election night were leading THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

There were three polls (think precincts) still to count. All the other polls were split about 51% to 49% for either candidate. Because some larger polls went our way we were up by about 300 votes. A veteran volunteer whispered that we still might lose because those last three polls were downtown polls where the homeless shelters and soup kitchens were. She added that the incumbant wanted to make sure she KNEW HOW MANY VOTES SHE NEEDED TO WIN.

What the incumbant candidate did was register university students and the homeless at those addresses. Sounds like park benches in Ohio. Sure enough the results came in and the incumbant won those polls 90% to 10% and won by 100 votes.

My observation from last night; Why is it almost ALWAYS the Democrat controlled precincts that are last to count and miracle of miracles they overcome a small Republican lead everytime, ARE THEY WAITING TO SEE HOW MANY VOTES THEY NEED?

The other item I would like to bring to everyone attention is that someone should do a study on the voting habits of immigrants. For example:

1) Since 1988 how many immigrants have become citizens with the right to vote?2) What are their voting habits Democrat or Republican?

Clinton/Gore naturalized 3 milllion new citizens in 2000 alone. So over the last 20 years even at 1 million a year that is 20 million new voters. Split 65 to 35% gives the Dems 13 million new voters to 7 million for the Republicans. Six million vote spread, now look at how much Obama won the popular vote by as well as how close some battleground states were. You combine this with ACORN and it is easy to see how an election can be stolen.

There are 16 million ilegals waiting for amnesty WHO DO YOU THINK THEY WILL THANK AT THE VOTING BOTH IN 2012?