View From The North - Rense.com

Maybe I should not admit this but from time to time I go to the website Rense.com. When I first was redirected there it was concerning a “secret Area 51 aircraft” (I have an interet in high tech military hardware)and honestly the only reason I go to the site, really I promise.

To make a long story short the site contains a lot of tin foil hat stuff, a lot of big government is listening bs. Mind control chemicals in the atmosphere, etc.

Lately some of the posts have attacked Obama as the embodiment of Big Brotherness. Many stories talk of his Marxism and his associations, much more than the main stream press has, and the articles are actually thoughful in many ways. While I warn this site is definately weird/different – there are also “Jewish banker/Illuminatti run the world” conspriacy crazies.

I guess the reason for this post is that if they can figure Obama out why can’t the rest of the people?