View From The North - Franken up in Minn.

Al Franken is an unhinged moron who is close to being elected to the Senate. IS MINNASOTA INSANE!!!

Apparently if you are a Dem anything is possible. I hate to sound conspiratorial but I think the Dems and ACORN have over the last eight years guaranteed enough votes in swing states to make the difference in key elections.

Great candidates like Michael Steel and many others get beat by absolute JACKASSES, I do not understand.

Everyone of my diary posts will now contain the aphorism “great nations don’t get killed from without they commit suicide”

America’s suicide is caused by the heroine of BIG GOVERNMENT, over 50% of Americans have the drug in their veins they are hooked.

The death of the US will be slow and painful and the rest of the freedom loving people of the world will soon follow.