View From The North - Chris Buckley Wrote What??

NYT Headline Hell has Frozen Over. Firstly I cannot believe this is true, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

The reasons given were that he is a good writer and has shown strong leadership. My question for the readers of Redstate is; Are these reasons to vote for a Marxist?

I was recently talking to a conservative friend about why it is more important to be grounded in political philosophy rather than with the individuals who make up a particular political party. This gives you the ability to stay true to policy and not be part of the “cult of personality” mostly seen on the left.

I agree wholeheartedly with political analysts like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, they are conservatives not Republicans. More often than not (a debateable point) conservatives can be found in the Republican Party, they are not found in the Democrat Party.

Once you develop a conservative policy platform for yourself it can be very liberating and intellectually honest. I oppose Pres. Bush for expanding Medicare benefits to prescription drugs. I support his tax cutting agenda.

Reagan said it best when he stated the he did not leave the Democratic Party the party left him. The debate between philosophy and party is hurting the Republicans because conservatives are much more apt to vote on conservatism, the left will vote Democrat no matter what.

This internal struggle will always be the achilles heel of the right to the benefit of the left. If the left only get half of their agenda they still win, if the right get half of their agenda they still lose (e.g. the Medicare/tax cuts mentioned above, government still expands in either case)

I have seen time and again the right getting in power and then compromising a conservative philosophy to “win another 5% of the electorate”. They see a “permanent majority” with winning the extra 5% of voters. They always forget that “winning” this extra 5% comes at a cost of a losing the base. The right makes the mistake time and again that “the base will always support us” as if conservatives are the “always vote for a Democrat left”.

The solution is a hard and difficult one to make, mainly, be in the minority and WIN the extra 5% by convincing them to adopt a conservative philosophy (Reagan and Thatcher come to mind) Or as we have seen since 2000; co-opt the conservative philosophy and get your butts kicked and then regroup by saying we really need to co-opt conservatism (hello David Brooks) and await Pres. Obama and possibly a veto proof Senate…..Happy Days are here again!!!