View From The North - America Commits Suicide

I was educated in the US, during those four yesr of college I grew to love your country. The optimism, the can-do spirit, the sky was the limit for everyone. It was a big change from Canada where big government socialism had seemingly depressed everyone’s dreams.

What happened America. If you elect Obama and more Dems to Congress you have given up the nation to socialists, it is that simple.

Freedom used to mean everything, now you want the government to pay for your $400,000 house and give you healthcare for “free”, cut defense spending so your social security and medicare is protected. The citizens demand freedom….from themselves, from disappointment, from unhappiness and stupidly enough you want the federal government to supply the happiness. The institution that has brought you the misery in the first place.

The perfect analogy is the addict’s relationship with the drug dealer. You believe they are the one’s that can make you feel good while the body and mind slowly rots away.

This is Reagan/Mondale although Mondale is a centrist compared to Obama, it should be a fifty state sweep (DC will still vote Obama).

America please I fear for the future of the free world without the “home of the free, because of the brave.