View From The North - The Debate

No McCain knock out probably means Obama looked like the winner. Independents need to be afraid or seriously concerned about Obama’s ability to be the CINC of the armed serivces.

The problem with the Independents is that they will see Obama as acceptable and they don’t look deep enough into the issues to see how Obama has “changed” his positions and how on some occassions contradicts himself statement to statement or day to day.

Now on a personal note of bias, that’s why I dislike independent or uncommitted voters, they are idiots and the entire Democrat strategy is say enough crap to sway enough of them to vote for a democrat, period.

That’s why Biden can claim to be pro gun, anti tax, etc and independents take it at face value and say “geez he’s for the little guy like me”

It is also why the dems want as many illegals or felons to vote because they will vote democrat.