View From The North - National Defense

While you can point not just to the bailout but about 90% of what the federal government does as unconstitutional “provide for the common defense” is unquestionably the most important thing the federal government does. So the latest rumblings that the defense budget may take a hit with the bailout should be a concern to every American.

Why is it that the Dems promote every policy or activity that is not in the constitution and ignore the ones that are, because they are not patriots they are Marxists. They seek to overturn 230+ years of US history and remake the country in a European socialist image. When Obama says the free market does not work then he is telling everyone what his change would entail, the death of the free market.

The free market is so good, so efficient that no one notices how well it runs. I say this as I look in wonder at the shelves of Wal-Mart and the unbelievable product mix available at good prices. I just picked up a new TV 46″ LCD at half the price of the 42″ I bought 4 years ago. When was the last time the government said we will cut the payroll taxes cause we have invested the money so well. Or we will cut government spending this year cause we can close some department as it has actually solved the problem. NEVER!!

No the Dems are blaming the free market for the current financial situation the gall of them. The Republicans should shout from the rooftops that the Dems are to blame and never stop until the election.

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