View From The North - Why They Hate Sarah

They hate Sarah Palin quite simply because she has lived the “so called” perfect feminist life. Grew up as a strong independent woman, did everything the boys did (sports, hunting and fishing), achieved everything through hard work, managed to raise five beautiful kids, took on the old boys network….and won. So why do they hate her, simple she’s conservative.

Since the 1930’s FDR and the Dems put together a majority voting bloc/coalition of voters that were in support of his/their big government agenda (how it helped them specifically)and not necessarily left wing ideology. Much of that coalition survives today. Some elements drop off or decline like the strong defense/anti-communists and some are added, environmentalists and the gay and lesbian coalition. Big nanny state loving women voters are part of this coalition. Many components of the bloc should never be voting together like union workers in “dirty” steel plants and the environmental coalition that would close those steel plant doors today if they could.

The weakness of this strategy is that if the Republicans can break part of it away like blacks or women – think Reagan Democrats in the 80’s, blue collar/union workers – the Democrats will be in the minority for a long time. They cannot allow it to happen so they must destroy Gov Palin, like they tried to destroy Clarence Thomas and other prominant black conservatives.

So 2016 after two McCain terms I say Palin runs with Michael Steele. Just watching the heads exploding would be worth it.