Rush Limbaugh: “We’re screwed!”

Anyone who has listened to the conservative icon for any length of time knows that he prides himself on delivering a message that is positive, uplifting and optimistic.  And from the beginning he has evinced a confidence in the American people that he maintains the left does not have (they believe the American public is dumb and needs a liberal elite to make decisions for them and essentially run their lives). 

Not so anymore.   During one of last week’s shows, a caller reminded Rush of his stated confidence in Americans at large, which the Great One confirmed, but in a less than assuring tone – and then moved on.  Several times he mentioned that it doesn’t matter what Obama says, but how he says it.  All he has to do is sound like he knows what he’s doing and mesmerize the public with his platitudinous speech.   That way, it’s a foregone conclusion that he can sell any plans he, Pelosi and Reed come up with.  In fact, Rush maintains they will get 95% of everything they propose (with a little help from bowed and timid Republicans).      

“If you think a demagogic, flowery-spoken president with an accomplice media can’t convince people things are great when they’re really bad, you got another think coming.” – Rush Limbaugh

All this contributed to his decidedly unoptimistic exclamation that “We’re screwed!”  But not only in losing out to the Democrats, but in rescuing the nation as a whole.  Rush rightly knows that what the left proposes will not solve our economic problem, but instead will have the same effect as the Roosevelt era work relief and social welfare edicts – prolong the economic malaise for years.  And not only that: The unbridled spending will eventually bankrupt the nation and make our currency worthless.    And this time, we may not have a World War to rescue us.  

But that possibility is even more of a dire threat.  The probability that a nuclear or biological attack will be launched by terrorists within Obama’s tenure is real.   This time, it won’t be the economic savior for the United States.  Instead it will seal our fate.   How can a country run by avowed leftists, who tell us we are the problem, recover the American will when devastated by a double whammy of recession and unspeakable death?  

Rush knows this, and has stated several times that the bus is going over the cliff and he is not going with it.   Could there be an island resort somewhere for sale that has a football team and a golf course?  I hope that’s not the case. 

One last point: Rush’s latest stated tally of how right he has been is 98.8% of the time.   I believe him – and especially this time because I believe his past faith in the wisdom and discernment of the American people at large was founded in emotion and wistfulness.   And it will continue on its downward spiral as long as liberals dominate the media, academia and entertainment.  That’s why Rush recently mentioned an effort by a Breitbart group in Hollywood to help culturally reverse the trend.   We need this desperately.  

Rush is right – we’re screwed.  And not only that — Without Divine intervention (and I don’t mean Mike Devine), “We’re toast!”