The War of the Worlds

Ever since the 1992 election when America voted for Bill Clinton, this film has haunted me – not the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise travesty of a few years ago, but the 1953 George Pal classic. Based on the H. G. Wells novel of a Martian invasion, the movie casts Gene Barry as Pacific Tech scientist Dr. Clayton Forester who leads the effort to uncover the invader’s weakness. All military attempts, both conventional and nuclear, fail to stop the invaders so finding another solution is paramount.

As the Martians cut swathes of destruction across the globe, Gene Barry and his Pacific Tech scientists are forced to flee the encroaching Martians in a motorized caravan containing all their precious equipment. They are abruptly halted in center city by a mob of citizens who loot and commandeer their vehicles, destroying all chances humankind has. Gene Barry is later found wandering aimlessly amid the ruins by a Military Police jeep. The soldiers try and persuade him to leave the city, but he instead violently waves them off and shouts, “The fools! They’re cutting their own throats!”

This scene played over and over again in my mind after the 1992 election, again in the gut wrenching 1996 election, but not near as sickeningly as now. The metaphor is clear. By electing Obama the American people think they are ensuring their future, but in effect they are committing unknowing suicide

The way is open. America will be a faint shadow of herself. She will no longer be a strong force in the world, and individual freedoms will be severely eroded. Free enterprise, innovation and American exceptionalism will be fatally hamstrung.

To get an idea of what this will mean to the world, imagine if America had not existed in the 20th century – the world would most assuredly be in a new dark age. What will the world of the 21st century be like without America as we know it? There is no other country with the resolve, the power and the goodness to keep the world from plunging pell-mell into oblivion.

Now there are those, most probably the 52% that placed unfettered power in the hands of the Democrats, who will protest that this is drivel, exaggeration, fear-mongering and things will go on as they always have. The sun still shines and the birds still sing, and besides – the individual, not the government, has always determined success.

But the evidence is there if anyone really seeks to examine it. The War of the Worlds is really a war of worldviews. And the most liberal, socialistic, authoritarian worldview has what is tantamount to absolute power and no qualms in wielding it relentlessly – unlike the moral and weak Republicans. The Object: Prevent Republicans from ever again regaining a majority. Use their new found absolute power to craft laws and appoint judges and bureaucrats that will take years to undo – if that were possible given how deep seeded it will be. Continue their control of the propaganda structure – public schools, academia, print & electronic media, and Hollywood. As long as they dominate these, talk radio is fighting a losing battle. Finally, a new America that has no resemblance to that envisioned by its founders, with the words “freedom” and “liberty” curiously absent from Webster’s.

At the end of The War of the Worlds, Gene Barry locates his girlfriend Ann Robinson praying with hundreds of other people in a downtown Los Angeles church as the Martians close in. They are saved, as well as the whole world, by a miracle. The Martians are infected with ordinary everyday microbes that are harmless to humans, but devastating to their unprepared immune systems. America, this go-around, will need an equally powerful germ – and miracle.