CBS News: The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Is Doomed

Sept 16 http://www.thankstopalin.com

According to Jon Freidman at CBS News, Sarah Palin is only popular because of the news media. He attributes the young, fresh conservative woman’s admirmation by millions of Amercians a result of a “media crush.”

“For as long as she has been in the public eye, people have been skeptical about her qualifications, but the allure of her beginner’s pluck catapulted Palin to the covers of magazines ranging from Time to People.”

Let’s be honest, Governor Palin made a splash on to the national scene with a great speech and an off-the-beltway attitude that was refreshing to Americans. It did not take long before the planes were landing in Alaska with Democratic opposition researchers and media (one in the same). Far from a love affair, conservatives have been defending Gov. Palin’s record on almost every major issue. Liberal commentators skipped over her 2 years as Governor of the largest state to focus on her previous elected posts as Mayor and councilwoman. They trivialized her foreign policy and national security experience but did not mention her state borders two foreign nations – the only state in the union that does so. She also is the executive of a state that has vast oil reserves – the lifeblood of America and an extremely importance national security issue as energy consumption increases.

Far from a “phenomenon,” Sarah Palin is an all-American example of taking government back to the people and working for the people who pay your salary. She rised through the political ranks in Alaska not because of the party bosses propping her up or the big money establishment funding her campaigns but because she stood up for the everyday folks and took on the old time corruption.

Compare this to a Democratic Presidental nominee who moved to a community a few decades ago and picked a place that would be the best political move. Working, unsuccessfully, as a “community organizer” he played the old dirty political games to win a state Senate seat. He continued to be promoted in stature by the party bosses in Chicago while not taking a stand on over 100 votes in the legislature. This man also did not author a major reform during his time there as well. A perfect example of old political business.

For over two years now the media has had a “crush” on Barack Obama. Obama’s record and associations have never received a hard look by the mainstream media. His family has never graced the cover of a magazine accused of lies and scandal. On the contrary, he is given praise for his great speeches and promises of change. He makes some in the media admittedly get tingly when he speaks. His extent of foreign policy was speaking to people outside Southside Chicago as a community organizer. He has never had to run a thing in his entire life.

If there were such a thing as the “Sarah Palin Phenomenon” it has more substance than the previous political phenomenon: a community organizer that delivers a good speech that has been running for President since 2004 as a state Senator.

I look forward to a debate on the facts and accomplishments of all candidates.

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