Now THAT'S a woman!

Diversity Lane

Culture Warrior and artist Zack Rawsthorne has a funny comic he posts on Diversity Lane. Liberals, or “progressives,” have a disdain and hatred for all things that are traditionally American. The Democratic Party represents most of their interests as it is being hijacked by MoveOn.org and the Daily Kos type who have led the charge against Gov. Palin.

Conservatives have been successfully battling back with websites such as this and with humor at Diversity Lane. America deserves better than to have our country led by a small minority of out of touch with reality super rich liberals like George Soros. With a grassroots effort and a strong message of Country First, lower taxes, strong national defense and individual responsibility we can move America forward into the 21st century.

Thanks to strong leaders like Governor Palin who have taken on corruption and did what was right for her state we will make sure traditional conservative Americans continue to battle in the Culture War.

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