Romney to Headline Economic Hearing

The first major policy battle of President-elect Barack Obama’s administration will set the tone for the next year for the Republican minority. With that in mind, House GOP Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is pulling out the big guns.

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will testify at 10 a.m. Thursday at a hearing on Obama’s economic stimulus ideas. Romney brings to the table business experience from his days at Bain Capital. He’s also known for his effective management of the Salt Lake City Olympics, which he rescued from scandal and disarray.

Cantor has put together the hearing at Obama’s invitation for Republicans to offer their ideas for stimulating economic growth. Democrats held their own hearing last week open only to committee chairman and five sympathetic witnesses.

Republicans want to take the conversation a step further. Cantor has invited citizens to submit their suggestions for promoting economic growth. He’s opened his website for public comments and asked Americans to use YouTube to record videos with their ideas. (In addition to posting on YouTube, you can send the raw video file to [email protected].)

Cantor cannot fight this battle alone. For conservatives to have any chance of stopping Obama’s shovel-ready stimulus, they will need to engage in this battle. Sending your video submissions is a critical component. If you need need ideas, I’d strongly encourage you to read the work of my Heritage Foundation colleagues about tax relief and budget reform.