Conservatives Talk Energy Solutions While Liberals Play Dress Up

The bear and bird have escaped the zoo


Republicans gathered on Capitol Hill today to cap their 25-day protest on the House floor over the high cost of energy and the refusal of Democrats to do anything about it.

The press conference, held on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, was met with loud chants from a crowd of about 50 protesters. A few brave liberals sweltered in the 90 degree weather with costumes of a polar bear and what appeared to be a white pelican.

The scene was reminiscent of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ill-fated press conference in Denver during the Democrat convention, when conservatives repeatedly interrupted her by chanting, “Drill here, drill now.” Pelosi responded, “Can we drill your brains?”

Unlike Pelosi, however, Republicans didn’t lose their cool. Led by Minority Leader John Boehner, more than 40 GOP congressman showed up to officially welcome Democrats back to Washington. As the crowd chanted in opposition to oil drilling and in favor of renewable energy, Republicans said they want it all.

Rep. Mike Pence, who was instrumental in getting the protest started Aug. 1, said that’s the goal of the GOP’s all-of-the-above energy plan:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, you can turn off the lights on the House floor and shut off the mics, but you cannot silence the voice of millions of Americans who say with increasing clarity, ‘Give us all of the above: conservation, alternative energy, fuel efficiency, and drill more, drill here, drill now!’