Protesters Push Pelosi Over the Edge

On the 18th day of the House GOP’s energy protest in the U.S. Capitol, Republicans chided Speaker Nancy Pelosi for refusing to allow a vote on their all-of-the-above energy plan. Meanwhile, 1,700 miles across the country in Denver, a crowd of angry protesters sent that message to Pelosi directly.

During a press conference at the Democratic National Convention, Pelosi was repeatedly interrupted by protesters chanting “drill here, drill now.” They waved McCain signs and other pro-drilling placards. Pelosi’s angry response: “Can we drill your brains?”

Ed Frank of Americans for Prosperity has the video. Ed also played the role of intrepid reporter, following Pelosi after the event. After boasting about taking public transportation to the event, Ed discovered the Pelosi left in a big SUV. I wonder if she’s buying carbon offsets while in Denver?