Republican Revolt Resonating Back Home

Today marked the fifth day that Republicans took to the U.S. House floor to talk about their “all of the above” energy strategy. The “Don’t Go Movement,” as conservatives are calling it, shows no sign of slowing down. House GOP Whip Roy Blunt told me he returned to Washington today after constituents in Missouri encouraged him to head back to Capitol Hill to be part of the historic revolt.

Over the course of the five days I’ve covered the protest from the House floor (mostly via Twitter), the members I’ve interviewed have offered the same assessment as Blunt. Constituents back home are paying attention and want their congressman to act on the high cost of energy. Even if it means canceling long-scheduled meetings in their district, Republicans are doing whatever it takes to be in Washington.

With the C-SPAN cameras turned off on the U.S. House floor and the presidential race overshadowing the revolt on cable news, it’s somewhat hard to gauge the impact it’s having in congressional districts across America. Well, let me tell you, it’s having a significant impact back home judging from media coverage in local press. The following is a summary of the news coverage in Republican districts. And this list was updated sometime yesterday, so it doesn’t even include the latest clips.

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave in the Loveland Reporter-Herald: Musgrave joins call for energy plan vote; the Denver Post: Musgrave and others want lawmakers to vote on an oil drilling bill. The Post praised Rep. Musgrave in this editorial: Enough with politics; U.S. needs an energy plan. She was also featured on local ABC-9: Musgrave to survey possible oil-drilling location in Alaska.

Rep. Michael McCaul in the Texas Observer: McCaul Stumps at the Pump; the Austin Statesman: GOP lawmakers protest recess, which left energy plan hanging; and on Texas Cable News: Congressional candidates spar over oil and gas.

Rep. Peter Roskam on the Chicago Tribune’s Swamp blog: Republicans keep pushing for energy vote.

Rep. Denny Rehberg in The Missoulian: Energy calls Rehberg back to D.C..

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland in the Macon Telegraph: Chambliss, Isakson part of GOP energy rebellion.

Rep. Gresham Barrett in the Greenwood (SC) Index-Journal: Barrett: Pelosi part of problem.

Rep. Terry Everett penned this op-ed in the Prattville (AL) Progress: ‘No-drill’ liberal house adjourns for month.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn in the Nashville Tennessean: Blackburn and the energy protest; the Jackson Sun: Blackburn part of GOP protest on energy; the Clarksville Leif Chronicle: Blackburn on GOP protest; the Nashville Post: Blackburn Speaks on the House Floor.

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland and Rep. Tom Price in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: GOP enlists tourists’ help to urge vote; and in the Marietta Daily Journal: Lawmakers pushing for energy bill.

Rep. Patrick McHenry appeared on WKVS, WBT, and on The Wilkow Majority radio show.

Rep. Spencer Bachus in the Clanton Advertiser: Bachus addresses county. He also appeared on Birmingham’s Fox 6 ‘Good Day, Alabama’.

Rep. Lee Terry on KPTM-TV: Congressman Lee Terry Holds Energy Rally; and Action 3 News: Terry Wants Your Gas Receipts. He also issued this statement: Energy Relief Rally.

Rep. John Shadegg was praised in a East Valley Tribune editorial: Shadegg’s grandstand play worth cheering; appeared on KFKA’s The Luke Shilts Show; and in the Arizona Capitol Times: Shadegg leads ‘speak in’ on gas prices as House adjourns.

Rep. David Davis issued this statement: Congressman David Davis says no to district work period, returns to Washington and calls for up or down vote on American energy; he also appeared in the Kingsport Times News: Davis tours gas stations in support of GOP proposals.

Rep. Scott Garrett appeared on the Michael Reagan Show last night. He also issued this statement: Garrett Introduces [email protected]

Rep. Michele Bachmann on America Family News Network: An urban America — the Democrats’ vision? She has a video blog: Lights, Cameras, Microphones Off, Bachmann Blog. In addition to appearing on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” the Congresswoman appeared on KARE (NBC) and KSTB (ABC) and KTIS’s Don Rupp Show.

Rep. Eric Cantor wrote this op-ed for Townhall: Dems Skip Town: Empty Promises Revealed.

Rep. Roy Blunt penned this column for Red State: The Energy Call to Arms Continues; and issued this statement: Blunt Returning to D.C. After Spreading Republican Energy Message in Southwest Missouri.

Rep. Michael McCaul in The Daily Texan: Congressman’s efforts press for energy legislation, and the Austin American Statesman: GOP lawmakers protest recess, which left energy plan hanging. He was also featured on FOX7: Congressman McCaul Collecting Gas Receipts, and on The Houston Chronicle’s Houston Politics blog: Republican self-serves energy plans.

Rep. Greg Walden in The Dalles Chronicle: Walden bill would return payments; the East Oregonian: Walden pushes for drilling off U.S. coasts; the Oregonian: Walden: Swap offshore drilling for timber money; the Bend Bulletin: Walden’s timber bill is lofty, but passage is a long shot; the Grants Pass Daily Courier: Walden tries again for county payments; and the Statesman Journal: Walden ties payments to drilling.

Rep. Mike Pence appeared on CNN this morning: Rep. Mike Pence (GOP Protest Over Energy). He was also featured on WISH-TV: Pence joins Republican protest. He also appeared on the Sean Hannity radio program.

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and KMGH-TV. She was also in The Coloradoan: Musgrave joins GOP protest in Washington.

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito was praised in a Charleston Daily Mail editorial: No action means no energy progress: Capito was right to oppose Congress taking a month off.

Rep. Louie Gohmert on KETK 56: Congressman talking offshore drilling during recess; KLTV 7: Drill Now Rally Held In Kilgore and Congressman Louie Gohmert On House Floor Arguing Energy (Extended Interview); CBS 19: Gohmert Responds to “Congressional Revolt”; and KTBB radio: Gohmert Upset about Congressional Adjournment and Gohmert Not Happy with Congressional Adjournment. He also was in the Longview News-Journal: Gregg GOP rallies for local oil, gas drilling; the Tyler Morning Telegraph: Congress Recess Puts Off Energy Bill Vote; the Texas Insider: Quote for August 01, 2008; and Gohmert: Liberal Leadership Adjourns While High Gas Prices Hammer Americans; and Lone Star Eagle News: Gohmert: Liberal Leadership Adjourns While High Gas Prices Continue.

Rep. John Kline in the Star Tribune: GOP drills home its energy message in a sparse House, and the Pioneer Press: Kline joins fellow Republicans on drilling protest. He also spoke on KSTP-AM 1500: Congressman Kline talks about Republicans staying in Washington to demand Democrats come back and vote on drilling. KSTP-TV mentioned Congressman Kline’s return to Washington on the Sunday night newscast. KTLK-FM also mentioned Congressman Kline’s return.

Rep. Mike Conaway on KWES-TV: Congressman Mike Conaway Speaks Out Over America’s Energy Woes. Additionally, Rep. Conaway has appeared on NPR, KNSY, KBEY Radio, KCRS/Clear Channel Radio, KWEL Radio, KICKS 99 FM, KERV AM, and WTIC News/Talk (based in Hartford, CT.)

Rep. Steve King on WHO-TV: King Calls for Action on Energy Policy.

Rep. David Hobson in the Chillicothe Gazette: Hobson introduces bill to allow offshore drilling.

Rep. Denny Rehberg on KULR-TV: Rehberg visits to discuss energy research projects.

Rep. Mike Turner in the Wilmington News Journal: GOP seeks vote on energy crisis and the Dayton Daily News: Turner invites public to Boehner show.

Rep. Joe Pitts penned an op-ed for the Phoenixville News: Congress skips out on its duties.

Rep. Mary Bono Mack in the Palm Springs Desert Sun: Bono Mack back in town, but calls for Congress to resume.

Rep. Adrian Smith in the North Platte Telegraph: Smith: Energy diversity is the key and Smith, fellow Republicans defy Democrat adjournment.

Rep. Steve Buyer on WLFI-TV: Congressman Buyer fights to cut rising energy costs.

Rep. Tim Walberg in the Adrian Daily Telegram: Walberg protests House recess.

Rep. Phil Gingrey in the Rome News-Tribune: Gingrey calls for House to reconvene, on the Fort Hard Knox blog: Congressman Phil Gingrey Live From DC!; and on WSB Radio 750.

Rep. Frank Lucas in The Journal Record: Energy no-action has lawmakers clamoring.

Rep. Rob Bishop on KSL-TV: Rep. Bishop to join protest on House floor.