Teaser Trailer for Oliver Stone's "W" Now Online.

Flat out: I’m a progressive Democrat, and I’m sure I strongly disagree with most of those here on just about every issue (except gun control and some union-related stuff).

Having said that, I’m genuinely curious about your thoughts on the upcoming Oliver Stone film about George W. Bush.

Specifically, I’d like to know what your initial reaction is to the teaser trailer, which was just posted online:

For my part–I honestly don’t know what to think. It’s a very short trailer (that’s why they call them teasers), but it doesn’t appear to be an attempt at a “straight” biopic–it looks like Stone is going for that surreal quality that he used in Nixon, except with more satire. It’s obviously meant to depict Bush as an irresponsible fratboy who somehow stumbled into the most powerful job on the planet, which is fine with me, of course, but I’m more interested in your thoughts on what impact–if any–it might have on the election (it’s set to be released on October 29th, which is obviously no coincidence).

I guess my point is that…so what? I have the same reaction (at least initially) that I did to Stone’s “The Doors” as well as the Andy Kaufman biopic “Man in the Moon”: Why should I pay money to see a 2 1/2-hour movie about someone who was, basically, a jerk IMO? Jim Morrison and Andy Kaufman certainly led interesting lives, but they were, personally, still jerks through and through, which makes it awfully difficult to watch their lives play out for several hours. As a progressive Dem, of course, I feel the same about Bush, and it’s even creepier to watch his story play out while he’s STILL IN OFFICE.

Strikes me as being WAY too soon for such a film, regardless of one’s opinion of the guy, just like Stone’s World Trade Center was too soon as well regardless of how he handled it.

Will it help Obama? Will it help McCain due to a potential backlash (similar to what a lot of people felt happened with Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004)? Or will it have no impact whatsoever since Bush’s name isn’t actually on the ballot this year?

As for the casting, while they only give extremely brief snippets, it looks to me like he went with a “real” look for the actual Bush family (GHWB, GWB, Laura, Barbara) but some sort of strange, quasi-real look for the rest of the players (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair, Rice).

Anyway, take this in whatever spirit you like, but I really am curious about what Republicans think of this.

UPDATE: Edited for language; sorry about that.