On whether Obama is eligible for the presidency

I’m not sure what to make of the below-listed video. I have no idea whether it’s producers are a bunch of kooks. But the attorney interviewed in the video looks legit.

Essentially, the question is whether Obama is a natural-born citizen. If he is, then he’s eligible to be president under the Constitution. If he’s not, then he’s not eligible. Nothing against him personally, but there are rules, and in a country of 300 million natural born citizens, surely we can find two to run for president.

Here’s the video:

More below the fold:I have serious doubts as to whether an individual citizen has legal standing to sue a presidential candidate in federal court in order to prevent him from becoming president.

It strikes me that the more prudent course would be to have a county refuse to put him on the ballot under Constitutional grounds, then have Obama sue to get himself on the ballot, which would mean Obama would have the burden of proof. In fact, I imagine a State could pull this off.

I don’t believe a judge can put an injunction on the election. However, I do think a judge could hold as a matter of law that Obama couldn’t be president under the Constitution. It takes more than a month to get a Constitutional Amendment adopted, so that would mean there’d be an all-out fight between Biden, Clinton, and who knows who else to be on the ballot for president. Then, of course, there’s the matter of who the Obama votes would go to.

Interesting times.